About us

Our establishement

Open 7 days a week from 5:30 pm

Located in the heart of the Plateau for 25 years, Le Pégase is renowned for its fine French cuisine and a selection of meats cooked to perfection. You can bring your own wine, so … be your own sommelier and select your favorite bottles!

The decor and atmosphere are welcoming and friendly. A romantic evening between lovers or a convivial moment for friends conjugate there perfectly.

Our team

In the kitchen

The owner-chef Michael Audet-Laparé is illustrated in many restaurants (Chez Victoire, Le Quartier General, Laurie-Raphaël, Grenadine) before investing in command of Le Pégase. Assisted by Tyler Baker formaly of Chasse et Pêche, he applies, every day, to work fine seasonal ingredients on the well-kept cooking and to express his taste for the culinary innovation and the marriages of flavors.

In the dining-room

Damien Haennel, associated owner, orchestrates the service and its rhythm with a lightness tinged with twenty years of experience in catering. A good mood and a professionalism which favors the friendly reception of the waiters team.


Baronne Pauline 2008

Bordeaux, France

Code SAQ 10791192

31.25 $ $

Château du Haut Pick 2007

Bordeaux, France

Code SAQ 00855775

31.25 $ $

Ca’Viola Barturot 2012 delcetto-d’alba d.o.c.

Vin rouge

Code SAQ 11838431

23.85 $ $

Badia a Passignano Chianti-Classico Riserva 2008

vin rouge d'Italie

Code SAQ 00403980

42.50 $ $

Alamos Seleccion Malbec

vin rouge d'Argentine

Code SAQ 11015726

17.95 $ $

Ca’Viola Barturot 2012 delcetto-d’alba d.o.c.

Vin rouge

Code SAQ 11838431

23.85 $ $

Baronne du Chatelard Moulin-à-Vent 2010


Code SAQ 10367471

20.95 $ $

Albert Bichot Pouilly-Fuissé

Bourgogne, France

Code SAQ 00022871

25.95 $ $

Château de Beauregard Pouilly-Fuissé Les Chardonnets 2010

Bourgogne, France

Code SAQ 00882449

28.35 $ $

Orders by phone

We are open from Thursday to Sunday inclusively for deliveries and take-out. You can place your orders from Tuesday. You can leave us a message and we will call you back as soon as possible.